Anoniem: Oh, no, this girl has explained wrong. Here is the deal, this fic called pqogspn, how she said, has a character called Matt, that is a nerd and loves playing video games. Then, with the description that the man that writes this fic gave to Matt, fans found or him, I don't know, your pic in some site, then everyone imagined Matt being just like you. But your pic isn't in the books, there is just a descripton of Matt in the books that André sells. I am sorry if you got mad being exposed :)

haha i can only smile about these things. no worries at all, that picture of me is from way back when deviantart was cool :-)

w--e--s--t--coast: Oh, hello. Just wanted to say that you are a character in a book here in Brazil. His name is Matt in the book, and the book name is "why boys only think that?", Known by the abbreviations "pogspn!". Goodbye. Alias, I love your character in the story.

where’s my money?

Austria till 28th :-)